Tested and Approved Pinterest Recipes

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. It is where I get the inspiration for most my new recipes, so I thought it would be fun to share the top three recipes I found on Pinterest.

Recipe #1: Hungry Girl Broccoli Slaw and Order 

This recipe was really quick and delicious. Instead of making my own sauce I used a pre-canned red pasta sauce. I also browned some ground turkey and added it to the pasta sauce. I thought this made the pasta alternative a better rounded meal. This would be good to serve with garlic bread.

Recipe #2: Cajun Chicken Pasta on the Lighter Side 

This recipe makes a lot of food! I made it while I was at home one weekend and there were plenty of leftovers for everyone the next day. I substituted yellow onion for the red onion, because I personally don’t care for red onion. You could easily adjust the vegetables in this recipes to suit your preferences.

Recipe #3: Chicken Crescent Squares

The original post for this recipe recommends using rotisserie chicken, but I used some shredded chicken I had cooked the night before. The key to this recipe is making sure you don’t over stuff the crescent rolls. I also thought my crescents turned out a little soggy, so I would consider cutting down on the melted butter.

What are your favorite recipes you’ve found on Pinterest?

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– M


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