On the Go Breakfast Ideas

Mornings can be terribly stressful! No matter what I always seem to over sleep and the bathroom is like a time vortex. But, no matter how hectic things get I always make sure to eat a balanced breakfast. Eating a breakfast will give you sustainable energy that will propel you through your morning in class or the office. There have been tons of studies (read one here) that highlight the increase in focus and ability that comes from eating a well balanced breakfast.  Not everyone has the time to cook up a full breakfast in the morning, so I have put together my top three options for breakfast on the go.

I alternate between three breakfast options. They all hover around 250-300 calories and along with my mid-morning snack are a wonderful start to my day.

Option 1: 

1/3 cup egg whites, scrambled in the microwave

1 serving turkey sausage links

1/2 whole wheat sandwich thin with 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter

Option 2: 

1 meal bar (I usually stick with Clif Bars or Luna Bars)

1 serving of fruit

Option 3: 

Dry Cereal

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

– 5 Strawberries

– 1 medium banana

– 10 oz Almond Milk

What do you eat for breakfast?

– M