Making Healthy Diet Choices In College

Making healthy choices in college can be difficult. Instead of a new recipe today’s post will feature an interview with Martha Harrouff a clinical dietician and graduate student who teaches the course Food and Your College Experience at the University of Iowa. The interview will discuss the types of skills students can learn from taking a nutrition course and offer helpful tips for those looking to make smarter food choices.

Audio Interview Transcript

In her interview Martha Harrouff talked a lot about My Plate. Due to the government shut down the USDA website is closed, but here is an example of what a correct meal should look like:


I did a little browsing around the internet and I found a recipe similar to the one Martha mentioned at the end of her interview. The cook at my sorority house used to make this at least once a week and it was one of my favorite side dishes! Hopefully I will be able to feature a quinoa story in the near future.

The Cookin’ Chicks: Quinoa with Black Beans, Corn and Feta

What types of strategies do you use to stay healthy while you are in college? Or if you are out of college what advice do you have? Let me know in the comments section.

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